Life, work, home can be a lot to juggle…add in the challenges of perimenopause and that can feel like you’re being pushed over the edge. Before you know it, you’re in overwhelm!

Feeling completely wiped out at the end of your working day so all you want to do is sleep

Unable to make any more decisions so you can’t even come up with what to make for dinner

Day dreaming about retirement because you can’t face years more of this

Well you are not alone AND help is at hand.

Join me for a power packed session to help you shift from SURVIVING TO THRIVING on WEDNESDAY 27th MARCH at 7PM!

I’ve been helping women who feel like they’ve totally lost their mojo, weighed down, and exhausted by work shift from surviving to thriving. From overwhelm to in control.

It is actually possible!

Like Lucy who felt like she hated her job and that self care was something that would never feature in her life again. After working together she’s not just loving work more, but has been rewarded with her biggest ever bonus, is getting tonnes of recognition, and looks and feels a million times better!

She’s working less yet achieving more than she ever has.

In this webinar you will be learning simple and actionable tips on…

How to get proactive about spotting the pressure signals so you can stop yourself falling in the stress pit!

How to shift your brain from being your worst enemy piling on the pressure to supporting you to achieve your goals.

Simple ways to boost your energy and focus in just a few minutes a day.

How to shift your mindset to get more creative results…even in the face of a challenge!

Join me for my latest free webinar to help you level shift from overwhelm to IN CONTROL!

Wednesday 27th March from 7:00 to 8:30 PM (replays available)

Kickstart your career Sinead

Hey!  I’m Sinead and I’m a Leadership Career Coach, International Speaker, and founder of Generation Women.  I have helped over 10,000 women to thrive and be in the driving seat of their careers and step up to senior roles.  I’m also on a mission to stop the menopause talent drain!  Women are leaving the workplace because of the overwhelm of symptoms and the stress of juggling all of the responsibilities.  I help them to thrive and fulfil their potential.