Ready to take
your career to
the next level?

Ready to take
your career to
the next level?

Ready to take
your career to
the next level?

Ready to take
your career to
the next level?

Hello! and welcome to Generation Women

Hey! I’m Sinead and I’m the founder of Generation Women. I help women go from frustrated to fearless in their careers. I believe we all deserve; a career we love, to feel successful, and to be rewarded properly for it!

If you’re ready to get in the driving seat of your career and want some expert help to make your career dreams come true, then you’re in the right place!


There are 3 ways I can help you…

Personal Branding Makeover


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This option is perfect if you like
to learn on your own on your own schedule

Take your career to the next level with my hands-on guidance and community of women to support you

If you’re like me and LOVE spending dedicated one-on-one time with your career coach then this option is for you

If you’re looking for a place to get support why not join my FREE career Winners Facebook group? Full of fabulous women all focused on levelling up in their careers, you get daily tips, inspiration…and of course a bit of banter to help you take your next steps.

Having worked with thousands of women to elevate their careers, I understand what it takes to identify the right path and get the strategy in place to make it happen. I thrive on supporting women like you to own your value, step into your confidence, and level up your career to meet your true potential.

Having worked in the corporate world for close to 20 years, I know a thing or 2 about what it takes to succeed…and the most important bit for me is that you do it on your terms. You deserve to feel amazing in a career you love!


book a career clarity call with Sinead to see how she can help you.

  • With the Career Elevator, Sinead has created a truly sophisticated approach to help people recognise and affirm the values and activities that motivate and drive them in their daily lives and careers.  This approach is tied to clear and achievable actions, that build to reveal a career plan that is entirely tailored to each individual.  It is a mix of exceptional insight and practical tools that makes Sinead’s approach so unique, and so powerful to changing how we live and work for the better. And who wouldn’t want that in their life?

    Anne O’Hagan

  • I will always identify the time I met Sinead and signed up to this programme as a life-changing moment for me personally and professionally. I have a choice in how I want my life and career to be and I have the ability to achieve it. I no longer coast through life like I used to and believe I am actively positively impacting the world and those around me. Sinead is a champion of women and is such a positive and inspiring person to be around. You want to push yourself. Her programme strategy is smart, accessible and personal. I am living the best version of myself

    Jean Barrett-Quinn

  • An absolute breath of fresh air – there is no corporate BS with Sinead. She cuts through all of that sort of thing and gets to the root of the issues you may be experiencing and gives you practical tools to surmount them. Sinead, breaks everything down in really simple terms and provides you with skills to navigate previously impossible scenarios possible. Working with Sinead is like having a secret weapon in your back pocket! The info on the programme is that powerful! Working with Sinead has completely changed my life.

    Nuala McMenamin

  • I honestly don’t think i could have turned my mindset around without Sinead’s coaching. Having that sounding board, an outside voice, a champion in the corner, someone to make us really question ourselves – who doesn’t need that! But also the learning afterwards – frequently when i have something difficult to think through in my new role i ask myself .. what would Sinead say?

    Eileen Regan

As a Career Coach, I love helping you understand and access your true power so that you build your presence and impact – which gives you the fuel to go after what you want.

Sinead Sharkey-Steenson
Sinead Sharkey-Steenson
Sinead Sharkey-Steenson
Generation Women
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