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50 things I’m grateful for in 2022

Recently I read a post by someone I follow where she captured 50 things she loved doing in 2022. I loved the post and idea, so I’ve borrowed and built on it. I believe in the power of gratitude and decided to see if I could find 50 things I’ve done that I’m grateful for. […]

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Menopause and Me

It’s the World Health Organisation’s menopause month and today is Menopause Awareness Day, and I thought it was time to share more about my story. I find hearing other people’s stories really help me, so I hope mine might help you.  Like most women of my age, I hadn’t given menopause a second thought until […]

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7 Ways to Break the Stress Cycle

I’m seeing more and more that the women I meet that are stressed out to the max and most of them don’t even see it (and studies are backing that up). The danger is they’re on a one-way motorway to burnout. It’s time they see it, and even more importantly, that they do something different […]

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“Allyship” – A verb not a Noun!

Guest blog by Chloë Gillard from Version 1. There are two quotes that I want to begin this blog with. Two quotes that when read together, give the perfect synopsis of what Allyship really is. “With power comes great responsibility”  Winston Churchill   “And if we are lucky enough to be in a position of […]

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What to do if you get turned down for a payrise?

I know it can feel like a kick in the gut. You’ve built yourself up, done the groundwork, and gone in for the big question…can I have a payrise. And they’ve had the absolute cheek to turn you down. Most people’s reaction is to start looking for another job immediately. They get caught up in […]

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9 Ways to Make a Great Impression in a New Role

One of the most common questions I get in my Career Elevator weekly Q&A session is…how do I make a great impression in my new role? It’s asked a lot because my risers get promoted and new jobs so regularly! And also because it’s such an important time to get right. You never get a […]

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