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7 Ways to Break the Stress Cycle

I’m seeing more and more that the women I meet that are stressed out to the max and most of them don’t even see it (and studies are backing that up). The danger is they’re on a one-way motorway to burnout. It’s time they see it, and even more importantly, that they do something different […]

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“Allyship” – A verb not a Noun!

Today’s blog is written by Chloë Gillard from Version 1. I’ve asked her to contribute because Version 1 are at the forefront of DEI work in tech. They are highly regarded for how they’re breaking through and making changes.   There are two quotes that I want to begin this blog with. Two quotes that […]

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What to do if you get turned down for a payrise?

I know it can feel like a kick in the gut. You’ve built yourself up, done the groundwork, and gone in for the big question…can I have a payrise. And they’ve had the absolute cheek to turn you down. Most people’s reaction is to start looking for another job immediately. They get caught up in […]

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9 Ways to Make a Great Impression in a New Role

One of the most common questions I get in my Career Elevator weekly Q&A session is…how do I make a great impression in my new role? It’s asked a lot because my risers get promoted and new jobs so regularly! And also because it’s such an important time to get right. You never get a […]

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20 Coaching Questions to Help You Empower Your Team

Back in my corporate days I trained and coached leaders at all levels. I helped them become better people managers, I helped them support growth in their people and I helped them to engage and inspire their people for greater performance. The number one tool I found that consistently helped was to help them adopt […]

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5 Steps to tackle your ‘People Pleasing’

Is it time to take action on your people pleasing? Does this sound familiar? “It’s not even 9:30am and I feel like I’ve done a full days work already!!” “I can’t even face looking at my inbox.” “My to do list never ends.” “And if one more person asks me to do something I think […]

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