Working with senior-level women is incredibly exciting because bigger challenges mean even bigger potential for results!

Today, I want to share a remarkable case study with you on how one fantastic woman, let’s call her Amanda (with a few details changed for confidentiality), took her leadership to the next level.

Amanda was already excelling in her career, consistently outperforming her peers. But, like many high-achievers, she felt there was more she could do to enhance her impact and recognition. Even the best have room to grow!

During our conversation, Amanda revealed a few nagging concerns. Firstly, despite being at the top of her organization, she didn’t feel adequately recognized for her contributions. She suspected she wasn’t being rewarded as well as other members of the leadership team, leaving her undervalued.

Secondly, she had doubts about how her team perceived her and what that meant for her future within the company. When asked about her potential for promotion, she confessed, “I don’t see it on the horizon… I might need to look elsewhere.”

Going deeper, Amanda admitted that despite her confident exterior, her inner feelings sometimes held her back from sharing her expertise and speaking up in the boardroom. She believed, “It’s not my place” or “I might not be listened to.”

The “Fear”

This fear of not being heard or being overlooked is common among the women I work with. So, we started defining clear goals.

The interesting thing about goals is that sometimes you might not fully grasp what they are. In Amanda’s case, she initially thought her goal was to leave the organization and pursue her career elsewhere. However, as we delved deeper, we uncovered her true goal.

What Amanda genuinely desired was to be seen, valued, and occupy the position she rightfully deserved within her current organization. From there, she could make an informed decision about her next career steps.

How did we achieve this transformation?

We focused on three key areas: visibility, relationships, and communication, all of which are interlinked.


We needed to understand how Amanda was perceived within the organization. What did the CEO and the board think of her? What were her strengths and contributions in their eyes? We used feedback and heightened social awareness to achieve this understanding.

Amanda was a high-performing professional, but her results were often overshadowed because she didn’t communicate the complexity of her accomplishments. While others brought problems to the boardroom, she brought solutions without making a fuss. This made it seem like she wasn’t working as hard as others.

So, we devised a strategy to communicate her value and the intricacies of her results in a way that resonated with her colleagues. Amanda learned to speak up confidently and express her expertise, ensuring there were no more “I wish I’d said…” moments in the boardroom.


To progress, Amanda needed to develop key strategic relationships. We wanted to avoid the usual disingenuous approach often associated with networking. Instead, we focused on authentic connections.

Amanda’s key relationship was with the CEO. She adapted her communication style to ensure he better understood and related to her. This meant changing her reporting style, meeting approach, and informal communication to gain his support.

The results were outstanding. Amanda’s visibility skyrocketed, and she was acknowledged as the second most important player in the organization, right below the CEO. She was promoted and properly rewarded for her contributions.

Amanda had always excelled in problem-solving, but it wasn’t always apparent. We increased her profile and credibility in this area, bringing her problem-solving skills to the forefront. Her leadership went from impressive performance to being genuinely recognized as one of the top performers in the organization. She was valued, rewarded, and celebrated for it.

This is why I’m so passionate about Executive Coaching!

I’ve witnessed incredible transformations like Amanda’s. That’s why I’m thrilled about my Impactful Leader Mastermind, where we can share experiences, challenges, and leadership success among women. Together, we can rise and shine, achieving remarkable results and rewards.

Let’s make your leadership success journey as extraordinary as Amanda’s. If you’re ready to level up, reach out to discover how we can unlock your full potential!