Take a moment to breathe and relax. Feel the seat under you. Even close your eyes if it helps.

I want you to imagine it’s new year’s Eve 2022, a traditional time for reflecting on and celebrating what has happened that year. What is the thing you’d live to be raising a glass to this year?

?confidence in the boardroom
?to land that dream project/ dream role

Whatever your dream is…how about I help you achieve it?

That’s what I do. I help women achieve their career goals. And after over 15 years of coaching and developing others, and 5 years of helping women rise in their careers, here’s what I’ve learned.

There are 4 key areas to focus that will make the biggest difference and are the framework for The Career Elevator.

Channelling your potential in the right direction.

It’s all very well pushing to move up…but is it in the right direction for you?

Taking some time to identify what you really want from your career, what drives you, and how your potential aligns with your vision is time well spent!

It’s hard to make progress when you don’t know what the destination is. That’s why we spend time on these foundations at the start of the career elevator.

It’s also great for your confidence to remind yourself of all the great skills and experience you have, and the strengths you’re building on.

Personal Brand

You’ve probably heard that your personal brand is ‘what people say about you when you’re not in the room’. What I get you to work out is ‘what do I want people to say about me, and what do I need to do to get them to say it?’

You have a personal brand whether you know it or not. And success comes from taking control of that.

It’s the difference between being known as the person who can do anything (therefore I never know when I need you, but you’ll do for any crappy job I need done)


Your name being the first one to come to mind when your absolutely ideal role/ project/ piece of work comes up. We HAVE to have YOU for this job. No one else will do.

See what a difference that makes?

Crafting your brand and communications it effectively makes all the difference. My clients learn to talk about themselves in a whole new way.


All successful careers are built on successful relationships. You need the right support, the right allies, and the right people opening up opportunities for you to get where you want.

When you focus on the right relationships and invest well in them, that’s when exciting things really start to happen.

In the Career Elevator we identify the key people you need on your team to help you succeed. And also how to build and invest in those relationships so you get results (for each other).

My clients get new mentors, sponsors, allies, and champions who are all supporting them towards success. Your career should be a team effort, and when you curate the right team then you’re always winning.

Visibility and Impact

This is where we pull it altogether so that you maximise your visibility and impact.

The world needs to know you exist. This means getting seen and heard…

Showing up to every meeting prepared to make a positive impact
Being seen on LinkedIn and building your brand so others know what you’re about
Acing interviews and performance reviews with ease
Presenting inside and outside your business to grow the awareness of your brand and impact

When you are confident in the value you bring, you have the right people behind you, and enjoy getting the word out there…then the opportunities are mind blowing.


Your name being THE NAME in the box for your ideal promotion
Having your ideal role WRITTEN FOR YOU
DOUBLING your salary or more
Being seen as an industry leader and asked to speak at top conferences

These are amongst the many great things that have happened for my clients.

So this is the question for you. Are you prepared to wait around and hope …or are you ready to invest in your career and let me help you make it happen for you in 2022!

70% of women that join me get a promotion within 6 months. And 100% will tell you it changes how they think and approach their career for life.

You have until Sunday to sign up, and there’s a whopping £1,000 discount using this link.

Join the women who are ready to rise and shine in 2022!