Even the mere mention of public speaking can bring many people out into a cold sweat.  Recent studies have suggested some of us think it is a fate worse than deathIn essence when I talk about public speaking do not mean standing up and giving a Ted Talk. I am referring to addressing a team meeting, speaking at a networking event, giving a presentation and everything in between.  It doesn’t matter how big the audience your physical responses can often be the same.  Here are 6 excellent public speaking resources to help you overcome your fears and become a confident speaker:

Ted Talks

A one stop shop for all Ted Talks on the subject. Speakers include the brilliant Amy Cuddy who discusses body language and Joe Kowan who tackles the issue of stage fright with wit and humour.  You will find other videos on the subject in the section How to make a great presentation.

Scott Burkin – Lecture on Public Speaking

Scott Burkin the author of “The Art of Project Management”, “The Myths of Innovation”, and “Making Things Happen” gives a lecture on public speaking with an insightful Q&A at the end of his presentation.


Speakers life has some great advice from 20 experts covering preparation and delivery when speaking in public

Think Up

Think Up is a handy free mobile app (although the paid version has more features) that enables you to address your issues of confidence.  It does this by enabling you to record positive affirmations in your own voice and then play them back.

Eat the Lens – Podcast

Noeleen McGrath is an award-winning television news journalist, media trainer and video producer. She shares her wealth of knowledge in bite size tips in this podcast. This podcast covers such topics as media interviews, presentations, corporate videos and speeches

Generation Women

Generation Women’s Rise and Shine Public Speaking Bootcamp includes the effective positioning of your brand in meetings and when delivering presentations.  I address your confidence issues and can help you take your communication skills to the next level. Click here to set up a call to see how I can help you.