An Emotional Evening

Two weeks ago I got to bed exhausted, and sobbed uncontrollably. It was some of the most heartfelt crying I can remember. I’m glad to say they were tears of joy, of relief, and probably pride. So what had happened on that day, the 18th of October to leave me in this state? Well, I had just held the first Generation Women Rise and Shine Graduation event. It was a moment of intense emotion for so many reasons. Firstly, it was fantastic to recognise the success of the 35 women that have been through the programme so far! Secondly, we held a panel where 7 of the graduates shared their stories (spoiler: I felt like a proud mama). And thirdly, it marked the 2nd birthday of Generation Women which feels like such an achievement for someone who never thought they’d start a business!

The Rise and Shine Programme

The Rise and Shine programme is the main way I support women to accelerate their success and achieve their career ambitions. It helps you to identify what you want to achieve in your career, even if you’re not really sure. We then work on developing your brand to fit your career vision, building your profile, growing your network, and getting all the pieces in place to create a winning career strategy and the tools you need to make it happen.

It’s been such a joy working with all of my clients, to watch them grow and believe in themselves. I see them become invincible when they tap into their authentic confidence.
I’m proud of each and every woman, and for now I’d like you to meet my panel who stood up and shared what they’ve done with a group of 60 women!

Meet the Panel

Over the last 18 months I’ve worked with many women who are ambitious and want more. I hosted a panel with 7 of my Shinies who volunteered to speak on the panel that night. The challenges they had when they signed up included…

  • Confidence having hit the floor
  • Dealing with redundancy with no idea of what to do next
  • Struggling to articulate your strengths and the value you bring to move to the next level role
  • Frustration at feeling under-valued and not being recognised as playing a strategic role in the business
  • A nagging feeling you could achieve more
  • Feeling lost and unsure whether you’re in the right place

The most important result

What did they all have in common? A well of potential that has barely been tapped AND an ambition to be happy and successful in their work on their terms!

And wow have they done it. Listening to them speak about what they got from the programme was a humbling experience. My goal is always to make a difference for others. That night I was blown away by the gratitude and hearing the impact I’d had, even though I was aware of it to some extent. I can tell you the results; the businesses started, pay rises awarded and promotions achieved. But to me what has come from it is a group of women who can now see themselves as I see them. As powerful, amazing women who can achieve anything they set their mind to. They know they deserve respect and to be paid their worth. They have a confidence and a mindset to achieve what they really want. That to me is everything.

So that night I cried over a job well done. I always feel I can do more and give more, but that night I realised I was enough. Just as they have. Thank you to my Rise and Shiners, you are a wonderful group who will make any business not to mention the world a better place.

The doors for the November and January programmes are now open and are booking up fast!  If you’d like to speak to me about what Rise and Shine could do for your career, why not schedule in a chat with me.

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**Now only available as a digital self learning programme – The Insider**

See below video to hear from some of them why they signed up…