The record increase in salary for clients when working with me is 300%, and that’s not a one off. I’ve even had a woman do my free challenge and get a 117% increase in salary. And it typical for women to easily get upwards of 30% (if those big numbers sound a little scary). 

So what do I do that helps them?

Well first I think it’s important to understand a few things about these women. 

They are not superheroes. These are ordinary women who are good at what they do and deserve more. 

Quite often they…

  • grapple with imposter syndrome
  • don’t like talking about money and an increase in salary
  • aren’t big on selling themselves
  • have settled for less than they deserve

In some cases they are already confident and a go-getter. 

The thing they all need is to value themselves properly so that they can help others appreciate it too.


Take Miranda. She was in a role that was growing, and she could see that it would be valuable to negotiate and get the recognition she deserved, but until we spoke she was dramatically underestimating the value she was adding to the business. 

Her responsibility was growing rapidly. She was driving activity that was helping the business scale, and taking on areas way beyond the original scope of the role. 

We worked on her understanding of what she was doing and bringing, how valuable that was for the business. In fact they were never going to get someone with her experience, knowledge of their business, and network and local understanding. 

Armed with this information, plus confidence in her ability to deliver resulted in a 300% increase, huge bonus opportunities, and equity. She would have previously settled for <50%. 


Lucia was settling for a role where they weren’t even willing to make her permanent. Her confidence was shattered and she was paralysed by all of the uncertainty of her role. She is the first person I’ve really pushed to come and work with me, normally it’s a decision in your hands completely. In her case I knew she needed help and I could give it to her. 

I was right. Lucia was afraid to give up an uncertain job. Within 4 months of working with me she had 2 companies negotiating to get her…and willing to create a job that until now has never existed in Ireland. 

Where is she now? Doing her absolute dream job. Being paid 3 times what she was earning before. With the best benefits package she’s ever had in her life…and better than the company she works for have ever given before. 

And do you want to know what’s even better? Because of the clear boundaries and confidence they have, both Miranda and Lucia are not overworking (unless compensated). They have regular reviews, and are climbing from a very different place. They will always be highly valued because they value themselves. 

So what is it we do together that gets such phenomenal results?

  1. We start by building self-belief. Understanding what it is YOU bring to the role. And recognising how valuable that is. What do you do that’s different? There are thing you take entirely for granted that are where you are at your most powerful. We recognised and grow those strengths. 

  2. You’ve got to understand your market value. Yes do your research out there. But what’s being offered elsewhere doesn’t have to limit your potential. What are you worth to the business? What impact can you really have? There’s potential that isn’t being tapped into in the business that you can potentially unlock. 

  3. Sell themselves well. This isn’t about your pitch for an increase in salary, this is about how they talk about themselves on a daily basis. It’s something that often people are nervous about. This isn’t about becoming the ‘big I am’, it’s about communicating your impact in a comfortable and confident way. This technique is a great way of unlocking opportunities. 

  4. Strategy. You’ve got to have a career strategy. What’s your vision for the future (for you and the business). When you’re working a few steps ahead it gives you more clarity and focus, and helps you think and act bigger!

  5. How and when to ask. Timing is everything! There’s no point asking as they’re just about to do cut-backs. And also you’ve got to know how. It’s all about building your business case – which is a balance of what you’ve achieved and your impact, alongside what you will go into deliver. How can you help the business achieve key goals and objectives. 

  6. Not afraid to move. If someone is terrified of losing their job they will negotiate from a place of fear. After working with me, the women I coach know they can get a brilliant job elsewhere so they are fearless in their conversations. 

  7. Negotiate. The first offer will not be the best. Know what you want. Have a rounded approach – look at the pay, bonus, benefits, equity, flexibility, holidays, development…it gives you more to work with. Know why you want those particular benefits. Quite simply, if you don’t ask you don’t get. 

  8. They have support. They have a sounding board, a challenger, a cheerleader…and much more in me. I help them develop their strategy and work alongside them to implement it. Plus they’re part of the Generation Women network where they get support and inspiration from other amazing women. Who do you have in your corner? How can you increase the support around you?

  9. They work to their actual potential…and they get recognised for it. So often I see women working way above their grade (I did this), and then trying to convince the business you deserve an increase in salary when they’re used to you delivering above and beyond for too little compensation. You’ve trained them to expect too much. There’s a fine line between helping them see what you can do, and doing it in the hope it will be recognised. 

The reality is, you may need to move to another company to be properly compensated. And here’s why it may be to your advantage. If you’re working to 100% of your capacity for too low, their expectations of what you can deliver for 50% more may be unrealistic. Another company will not know how much you’re over performing and over delivering currently. You can work at the appropriate level. The key is having great boundaries and confidence in your value add. Spend some time with me and these things become second nature!

If you’d like to have a chat with me about how I can help you, why not book in a call. Imagine where you might be in 6 months when you take that step!