This week I have been running my Kickstart your Career Challenge which I always love because of the energy and impact that it has for the women. One of my favourite things this time has been interviewing my past students from the career elevator, on how they have achieved their career goals.

When women join The Career Elevator, it’s for different reasons.

The most common reasons are…

  1. After a promotion or move into a new role and they want to perform well to make a real success of it. 
  2. Wanting to step up and be recognised because they know they have more potential. 
  3. Build their confidence so that they can go for bigger roles. 
  4. They’re in a rut so they want support, focus, and accountability to make a positive change in their career. It’s easy to put yourself to the bottom of the list!

And so this week my Risers have been sharing their stories and successes. Two of the women we spoke to only joined in January and are just about to start new roles in their dream jobs.  

Here’s the top 12 takeaways from each woman’s journey on The Career Elevator…

  1. Treat life and your career like a science experiment! Try things out and don’t think of something that doesn’t work as failure but a way of learning about what can work instead. She shared how much more fun it is to try things out to see, without the pressure of it MUST work. 
  2. Invest your time and energy in making progress for yourself.  It doesn’t have to be a lot of time but it’s consistency that gets the most positive changes. 15 minutes a day on career activity (like LinkedIn or reaching out to a connection) can change your life!
  3. When you’re taking action, think about being 10% braver. And this can be taking up challenges in your personal life too!  Whether it’s reaching out to your CEO or doing a cycling holiday in the Outer Hebrides it all helps you feel more confident. 
  4. Don’t get caught up in other’s perceptions of what you do. Yes it may look like you have a great job, but do you love it?  You’re the one showing up every day so make it worth your while. Do what’s right for you. 
  5. You may think you can go it alone but getting expert help isn’t an admission of failure. It’s smart, helps you get a better result, and is definitely a lot faster!
  6. Getting to know the value you add and having the confidence to own it changes everything. It helps you negotiate a better package. It gives you the courage to speak up when you can see how things would be better. And it helps you be recognised and valued way more!
  7. When you recognise your real strengths, and so often it’s the things you take for granted, it really boosts your confidence. This has made interviewing and negotiation a much easier thing to do!
  8. Flipping the mindset that an interview is about you proving why you’re right for them, and recognising it’s just as important for you to get from them why they are the right employer for you. You are investing the most significant part of your life with them, you need a good return on your investment!
  9. When you know what you want you can ask for it, and it can (and in my case has) result in your dream job!  You’ll never know until you make the ask. 
  10. Don’t just jump at the job that’s offered because it gets you out of where you are. Take the time to work out what you really want, then you can make the right decision for you. 
  11. “The ideal role wasn’t advertised, it’s come about through conversations with a company which has meant them designing a role to fit me. I wouldn’t have thought that possible before, but has made a big difference to me.” 
  12. “It’s a game changer to have people around you who understand your challenges, give great advice, and inspire you to take brave steps. The community of the programme has really helped me step up.”

The Career Elevator doors open on Monday!  It’s a career accelerator packed with everything you need to build your dream career.

In just 4 months you could be achieving what Ruth and Hannah have…be starting your dream role, at a dream salary, and the confidence to know you can nail it!

Why not set up a call with me and see how I can help you achieve your career goals.