I love using a dancing app called BodyGroove as part of my exercise routine.  This morning the host Misty said something that really resonated with me. I’ve had moments of this in my career and it’s something I say a lot to the women I work with…

No one can dance for you. Nobody can put the energy in for you. No one can get fit and healthy for you. Nobody can increase your flexibility for you. Nobody can keep your body young for you…only YOU!

And actually that’s very much like your career.  Nobody can do it for you!  I’ve had three standout moments where remembering that and having that realisation has changed the course of things for me.

I was miserable

The first time was when I was feeling really miserable about my career direction. I’d manage to find myself on a course in my career just didn’t suit me. I didn’t enjoy it and I wasn’t using my strengths. Worst of all, I couldn’t see a way out. After moaning about it for a HELL of a long time, I realised that (as well as boring myself and everybody around me) nobody is gonna come and fix this, nobody can sort it out. ONLY ME. That moment of taking responsibility for a positive career change was a total game changer. I got focused on ‘what do I need to do to fix this’ and I searched for the answers and the support I needed. Making it happen for myself was the key!

I was happy but going nowhere

The second time was again in my corporate career. I was doing something I absolutely loved.  Bouncing into work every day and I was excited by what I was doing. I was developing myself and I was working from a place of purpose, strength and passion.  And I did what a lot of women do…working way above my paygrade to prove myself. I delivered like crazy – I thought ‘if I keep showing up and doing a great job someone’s gonna notice and things are gonna change’. Of course nobody did, nobody sorted it, nobody gave me what it was I really needed!

So I realised, I have to do this for ME. I have to make it happen. So once again I did the research and looked for help. I found the answers and I reached out to my network, built my visibility and also asked for help to get the recognition. I made it happen and things again were great!

Scared to take the plunge

The third time was actually when I first went into business. I had started the business with my friend Fiona while on maternity leave, but we weren’t really sure what the clear direction was for this new venture. It became clear after a while that we actually wanted different things. I’m so grateful to Fiona because she gave me the confidence and security to take the step into starting my own business, but she moved onto something else (and I’m loving seeing her thrive at it). I had that moment of ‘what am I gonna do, how am I gonna make this happen‘?  Again, it was the recognition that nobody can do this for you.  This is your business, your family that you need to feed and keep a roof over the head. It’s your life that you need to live and nobody is going to fix it for you. You, Sinead, have to dig deep, do it and take responsibility!

So I went out and looked for answers. I looked for help. Then I did the research. And I also got support. And I made it happen for me! There were so many resources out there to help me, from podcasts and courses – to other coaches and mentors, and of course family and friends!

This is what I help others make happen every single day.

They reach that moment where they think ‘this is not where I want to be’. So it may be that they’re not happy, or that they know they’ve got more to offer or they feel they could be working in a better place. They could have a job that fulfils them more and be recognised more. They’ve reached that point of realisation that ‘NOBODY is coming to fix this for me, I have to do it for myself’

And you can get help, you can get answers, and you can get support!

That’s why you should join me on the Kickstart Your Career Challenge next week. It’s exactly what you’re going to get. Help, answers and support! If you take responsibility for you investing time and energy in the action that’s needed to make change then you will get results!

And a bit like Misty from BodyGroove, I give you the moves and I point you in the right direction. But you do it your way to your rhythm and your pace and you get your results. 

And the results can be big. The women that have done this challenge have got big promotions, made big job changes, got big pay rises and increased their impact and visibility. They have changed their sense of self and their confidence so that they are now focused on taking responsibility for themselves. They are focused on their happiness and on their success. That’s why I love the challenge because I get to watch it all unfold!

So I hope I get to watch you do the very same sign up here and I will see you on Monday for the Kickstart Your Career Challenge!