Forget new year, new you. I vote we make 2022 the year of you!

As a woman, where do you come on your list of priorities?

I bet you are busy doing some (or all of these):

  • A brilliant job at work, quietly holding things together, doing to much, putting out fires, pulling others out of holes…and not getting enough recognition
  • Keeping everything working at home…housework, errands, problem solving, planning meals, doing shopping, cooking (this list is literally endless)…and not getting enough recognition
  • If you have kids you’re getting school stuff sorted, being taxi driver, having the right bags/ clothes/ extras ready on the right day, managing their social diary, arranging outings, buying presents (also an endless list)…and not getting enough recognition
  • You’re caring for friends, family, elderly parents, neighbours, helping everyone feel valued and supported
  • You’re on committees and doing voluntary work, giving your time and energy to others

So I need to ask again…where are you on this list?

January is a time I speak to a lot of women looking to make positive changes in their careers, and there’s one thing that becomes clear very quickly…they’ve been at the bottom (or not even on) their list for far too long. 

You don’t need to be a new you, you’re f**king fabulous as you are. You just need to prioritise yourself!!

We all know the old adages ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’ and so on. It’s more than that. This is about recognising you have value, you deserve time, investment, and to be a priority. And news flash…great careers rarely just happen, they are made through you prioritising you. 

So here’s a few ideas for how to make 2022 the year of YOU!!
  1. Write a list of fun things you want to do this year and book at least one in a month. Even if you don’t know what it’s going to be yet, make time in your diary. Reach out to friends and get them to do the same. That way you can all come up with ideas, do them together, and you’re more accountable!  You deserve more fun in your life. 
  2. Get your visionary hat on and create a vision board of what you want to do and achieve in 2022. A vision board is simply a visual representation of your goals (like a big collage), and I’ve seen for myself and clients how creating the inspiration and focus has had a massive impact for them and what they achieve. Think about what you want to do or make happen in the following areas (which are key to your well-being)
  • Career
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Relationships
  • Community
  1. Set yourself a new challenge to complete. It not only gives you a focus with the preparation and likely training you’ll need to do to achieve it, it gives you purpose and your progress is very motivating. Plus it will also give you a huge sense of satisfaction when you achieve it. So you might want to sign up for the 7 peaks challenge, run a marathon, learn to Tango and enter a competition, or commit to 100 sea swims in 2022 (that’s one of mine) and go for it.
  2. Invest in yourself. When you put your money where your mouth is it massively increases your commitment to completing. So think about a new course that can really help you achieve your career goals, a membership for something that will enrich your life, or sign up for that jewellery making course that you know will be something you love and give you new accessories!!
  3. We all know we need to do things that replenish our resources. But often we don’t make time for it. So how about you schedule self care – a regular massage, getting your nails done, or even a lunchtime walk…Book it in your diary and make it happen! 
  4. Request a shorter working week, how about a 9 day fortnight or a 4 day week (I have to thank my masterminders for this one). I know this might initially seem extravagant, but look into how much it will of a real financial impact it will have, as you pay less tax, and you have an extra day to do something that’s for you.  If you go for it, make sure you keep that day for you and your needs, you’ve earned it!
  5. Decide you’re going to get paid what you’re actually worth and make it happen!  Most women are underpaid or underemployed (working below their capability ). You deserve true recognition for your hard work and impact. Build your business case and request a payrise or promotion…and if you want help with this one, then sign up to my FREE 5 day Kickstart Your Career Challenge…and plan how to spend that extra money!