Every day I write down my goals (well almost every day)…and not only does it keep them fresh in my mind, but it helps refine them.

I came up with my core purpose and goal last year…to help elevate the careers of 1 million women.

That goal gets me so driven, and as I write it each day it becomes clearer what I mean and how I’ll do it.

I’ve recognised that what I do best is help women understand their value so that they can confidently get what they want in their careers.

And what I want more than anything is for ALL women to get paid what they’re worth, as most women are sadly underpaid.

So I’m here to help you make it happen, because with every one of you achieving it, we are changing the world…and you’ve got to admit, that’s pretty great.

I’ve helped my clients (and the women on my challenge) get pay rises of over 100%!  That’s definitely not to be sniffed at.

So here’s how YOU can take steps to getting paid more in 2022…

1. Recognise the value you add at work

It all starts with you seeing clearly the value you bring. It should be an easy thing to do, but years of conditioning and maybe even other people’s meanness can mean it’s not. Plus there’s soooo much you take for granted. Just because something is second nature to you, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy, it means you’re highly skilled at it!
Here’s a couple of questions to help you get focused…

What do you do better than other people?
Do people come to you looking for particular things?
What are the things you do easily?
Think of what energises you?

If you’re struggling to identify these things, start keeping a journal and ask yourself…how did I add value today? What wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t there? Keep this for a month and see what you notice.

If you’re really struggling, consider asking other people (you trust) for feedback.

2. Own your brilliance

Now you’re hopefully starting to recognise that you are in fact brilliant, it’s time to feel it and own it. A few good ways of helping you to own it are…

Put some reminders up in your space where you get ready (in my career challenge we create an avatar which really helps with this)
Before meetings focus on what you can bring, what impact you want to have, and what message you want to share
Consciously take time at the beginning of your day and before meetings to ask yourself ‘how do I want to show up?’
Practise your power posture…think strong core, head high, balance. Take time to reset before and during meetings.

3. Communicate your impact

It’s really helpful to lay the foundations for increasing your pay by helping others see your impact. You do that by communicating it…regularly!

Whether it’s meetings with your manager (particularly your 121), with the leadership team, or wherever you have an opportunity to communicate the great work you’re doing. You have to go prepared to communicate the impact you’re having.

Which means…Talking. About. Your. Results!

You don’t minimise. Don’t put all your focus on bringing up problems and issues.

You need to talk about the problems you’ve solved. The results you’ve achieved. The positive feedback you’ve received.

Don’t assume they know. They may know a bit but they don’t know what you did to get a great result for the business.

It’s like an ongoing advertising campaign for why you deserve more. That way when you have the conversation, it’s an easy yes! Or even better (which happens to my clients), they start the conversation with you!

4. Build your case

You want to be paid more. Here’s what not to do…go in with a moan, it’s not fair, issue an ultimatum. You are less likely to get a good result, and when you do it’s been achieved grudgingly.

No, you want to build your case based on 3 key things…
Your passion for the company and how you want the business to get great results.
The impact you’ve had on the business to date; quantify and evidence your results. Demonstrate how you’ve helped the business achieve key goals.
Your future vision and the potential impact you will continue to have (aligned with the company vision of course).

Remember to take into account company context – if it’s been a bad year it may not be the best time to ask, so you can keep laying the groundwork and keep building your case.

5. Make the ask

Set up a meeting with your boss, letting them know that you want to discuss a review of your role and pay.

Make sure you prepare. Rehearse your opening and your business case out loud (and even better if you can get a trusted friend to listen and give you feedback).

Structure your message with…
i) a thank you for their time
ii) what you want to discuss
iii) your business case – why you deserve a raise
iv) your ask (know what you want ahead of the meeting, and consider pay, benefits, holidays, flexibility, personal development – identify what’s most important for you).
v) now shut up! Let them respond. They will take it away to think about, discuss, and will come back to you.

It can be helpful to follow up with an email of what was discussed and an agreed future meeting date.

6. Negotiate

Are you happy with what they’ve come back with? If not, negotiate. Make sure you know what the industry averages are and be prepared to stand your ground. You can give ground on less important factors, and stand firm on what’s really important to you.

Listen. Take time to think. Return with an offer that works for you.

7. Celebrate

You are now hopefully popping the champagne cork and rewarding yourself for a great result.

But actually I want you to celebrate what you’ve just done for yourself. Look how you’ve grown and shown up for the most important person in your life…you!

AND make sure to recognise and reward yourself for getting paid more.  Plan how to spend that payrise on something that really matters to you!

If you don’t make it happen where you’re at, then you can take all this great work to get your payrise in a new role!

If you want to know why you aren’t getting promoted, take this Quiz, it can offer you some clarity and strategies to make it happen!

And you really should check out my Career Audit, where I can help you get a clear plan for career success!